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Wedding is one of the most important milestones in the life every couple since it officially marks the beginning of their beautiful journey together. The wedding party will have a lot of important things involved, and the wedding cake is one of the most important aspects of a wedding function. In fact, cutting the wedding cake will be the first joint task that a couple indulges in after their wedding.

According to a recent study, around 95% of couples include the cake cutting ceremony in their wedding function. Actually, this ceremonial cake cutting dates back to an ancient period and the symbolism of cake cutting tends to change with different cultures. Below are some of the important things that you must know about the wedding cake.

Cake Décor

The wedding cake will be the center of attraction as it wishes a sweet and happy life ahead to the couple. So, it ought to be special and beautiful. In order to achieve a stunning appeal, couples usually decorate the cake with many festive décors and customized cake toppers. However, you can use something that reflects your personality too; a traditional miniature will be perfect for an elegant and classic couple. In contrast, using something unconventional will be a good option for a modern and stylish couple.

Interestingly, some couples also use vintage Victorian cake charms in order to take the cake cutting to the next level. Besides, conducting a Southern Ribbon Pulling ceremony will be perfect to raise the entertainment quotient of the wedding function as well as to bring good luck.

Cake Cutting

The first wedding cake cut is really important because it is believed that the married life of the couple will be as smooth as the first cut. So, even if you feel that you are a pro in cake cutting, it is better to check with your caterer or cake baker for some professional cake cutting tips. Apart from the traditional beliefs, you may ruin the entire cake if you cut it the wrong way.

Usually, the wedding cake will have at least three tiers, and if you place the knife in the wrong spot, the upper tiers of your cake are more likely to topple over. Hence, most bakers recommend the couple to cut the bottom layer first. Another mistake to avoid is cutting the wedding cake with a server instead of a knife; remember, you will get a cleanest and quickest cut only if you use a knife.

Cake Smashing

Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake Cutting

Normally, the couple of honor cut their cake and lovingly feed the first piece to each other. This represents their never-ending commitment and love towards each other. In some traditions, this ritual of feeding each other is replaced by smashing the cake into each other’s faces. This is actually a Roman tradition and most couples follow this in order to entertain their guests. Yet nowadays, there will be hardly any bride, who would prefer this type of tradition because it will ruin both their wedding outfit and wedding makeup.

Note that it will be really challenging to remove the stains of the cake frosting from the wedding gown. So regardless of the smashing tradition, it is recommended to tell your cake baker to keep damp wipes nearby the cake in order to wipe off any frosting or rouge crumbling fast.

Give your Best Shots

The cake cutting will be one of the golden moments for the photographers to capture some awesome moments of the newlyweds. So is better if you discuss the type of shots that you prefer with your photographer before the wedding party. That is, whether you prefer a traditional pose, a photo in which you and your partner cut the cake together, a candid one, or a documentary type.

As per the current fashion trends, candid images will be the best option. Additionally, tell the photographer whether you want a close-up shot of your hands cutting the cake with a knife or just a long distance shot is enough. If you communicate all these things beforehand, it will give your photographer an idea about the type of images and style that you prefer.

For the Guests

Once the newlyweds cut the first piece of the cake and have a slice, it is the guests’ turn to taste the wedding cake. Ideally, the caterers will take the cake inside after the cake cutting ceremony and slice it down. Later, they will serve the wedding delicacy to the guests in embellished platters. Traditionally, couples save the top tier of their wedding cake for their future functions such as the first wedding anniversary, New Years Eve, Valentine’s Day, etc. However, some prefer to distribute the cake to every guest present in the venue these days.

One of the main problems that most couple faces now when it comes to their wedding cake is the wastage. In order to tackle this, you can pack the rest of the cake and send home your guests with it. In fact, it is a traditional custom to send a piece of the wedding cake to those, who could not attend the wedding function.

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