7 Genius Ideas for Fall Wedding Centerpieces

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Many would argue that fall is the perfect time to hold a wedding, and getting married this time of year does have its own unique appeal. Yet again, many brides find the unavailability of most popular flower options in fall to be an annoyance. For those steadfast about their choice of season to get hitched, there would be more work cut out arranging an attractive centerpiece. Rest assured there are plenty of fall-friendly options available to use; you just need to be patient in finding and picking the right ones out.

Check out the following centerpiece ideas for inspiration. Needless to say, each aims to make your wedding reception a lovely event that matches the gorgeous season. Proceed with virtually no care, and enjoy yourself.

Walnuts, Cranberries, or Acorns in Vases

If you have creative streak waiting for an outlet, try putting together a good-looking combo of autumn items placed in a clear vase or bowl. This could stand out as a lovely centerpiece. Try using cranberries, unshelled walnuts, or even whole acorns, for something, which stays visually minimal. You are aiming for the warm colors and contrasts, and the fact that most of these items can be reused later, just sweetens the effort.

Vines, Leaves, and Berries

Your fall-themed centerpiece can easily be a conversation starter, but it takes something truly special to draw admiration from each guest who happens to glance at it. Consider using fabric or preserved leaves, along with berries and vines. This being the season for oranges, reds, and yellows, you could also set your event theme to match that. Throw in a few leaf sprigs here and there around the center pieces, and watch as the botanical elements come alive without any flowers to aid the effect. Among modern brides, the no-flower policy is not as uncommon as you might think.

Mason Jars, Branches, and Twine

Wondering how to bring and hold it all together when it comes to your wedding centerpiece? Try using raw fiber twine. You could use a simple giant knot for a rustic statement, which would be augmented by the twine being made of a natural fiber. Wrap this around the vase’s neck. For something more, use twigs or branches to fill out the space in the jar. Another way to go is a single thick branch with regularly spaced cuts meant for votives. Lastly, consider using mason jars as is, or spray-painted to match your décor’s dominant color.

Pumpkins and Gourds

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Autumn pumpkins are not just Halloween fixtures; one can even be used as a wedding centerpiece. Just make sure to leave out the toothy grin carving, and that the kids do not get up to it either. Instead, work some beautiful art on and into it, and then provide lighting from the hollowed-out interior. Even a simple stylized heart would do, yet if you are a good hand a carving or know someone that is, go crazy with it, but making sure the design is event-appropriate. If you cannot seem to find anyone with adequate carving skill, stick to painting something on the surface of the fruit.

Pinecones and Candles

These are a good way to bring down your decoration costs, because boy, do traditional centerpieces cost! Pick a big bunch of pinecones and lay them out artfully along with some votives. Bake them first though, so that any insects are removed. This also spreads out the tightly closed pinecones. Combine with gourds and leaves for an out-and-out magical effect.

Marigolds and Similar Flowers

If you are adamant about having flowers in your centerpiece, consider marigolds or even other similarly colored flowers. Yellows and oranges rule here. Prefer potted flowers, because those are likely to last longer, maybe even well past the ceremony and reception.

Mix and Match

Many people prefer keeping their centerpieces simple, mainly because it is simply too much effort when thrown in alongside managing the rest of the event. If you find you have time for it though, consider mixing and matching items. You never know what combination will work. Fill a glass lamp with fall leaves, pinecones, and acorns and then spread out candles around the whole thing. For the centerpiece, throw in mason jars filled with marigolds. Go full custom here – do not hold back unless you really think you are botching it.

A mix of these wonderful items not only makes for spectacular centerpieces, but also leftover decorations you would feel grateful for. These can be set in your home as decorative pieces that also serve as a reminder of a merry and precious occasion. You could even give some of these away to your favorite guests, so that they too get to share the memories they were a part of. This spares you tremendous effort on the cleanup side of things.

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