6 Cool Places to Get Married

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For the recently engaged who can muster sufficient funds without going bankrupt, a destination wedding is one of the prime options worth considering. Not just any place will do though, so if you are looking for the right spot to say your vows at, consider some of the below places.

Haiku Mill, Hawaii

Hawaii is up there at the top of the list for couples who adore a carefree ambience that lets them really breathe, even when they are getting hitched. For an out-of-the-box setting, consider Haiku Mill in Maui, an antique sugar plantation which boasts a vibrant atmosphere comprising gardenia and jasmine. The courtyard is open to the sky, which is one of the most romantic aspects of the experience.

Treehouse Point, Washington

Head to Issaquah, Washington if either you or your spouse has been dreaming of a treehouse wedding since childhood, or picked up the idea and never felt like letting go. Treehouse Point is situated in the middle of a wonderful forest, and what’s more, you can get overnight accommodations if you book early enough.

Sodo Park, Washington

For an industrial backdrop, hit the SoDo district near downtown Seattle, and book a wedding venue at the Sodo Park. The place combines the historical architecture and a contemporary feel which can accommodate almost any style of event. Enjoy the superb lighting and how it sets off your sweetheart’s profile while she makes you the happiest man alive.

Beaulieu Garden, California

We can’t ever have enough of garden weddings; they are simply lovely. For the best along these lines, head to the Beaulieu Garden in Napa, a place with glorious sycamore trees and a stunningly beautiful estate and gardens.

Union Hill Inn, CA

“Rustic” and “Refined” are the words that come to mind when you think of Union Hill Inn. Take pleasure in the cozy setting as you exchange vows in front of the delightful-looking fireplace, and maybe do one better and book the place for a weekend of fun. Union Hill Inn is a short distance from Historic Columbia and Jamestown.

Bear Flag Farm, California

Have you ever dreamt of getting married on a farm? There is no place better than Bear Flag Farm, which adjoins thirty acres of fruit trees, lavender fields, and vegetable crops. They even have a small vineyard that produces Syrah.

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