5 Things to Consider Concerning Music for the Wedding

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Music plays an important role in wedding ceremonies. With good music, you can ensure that guests stay back even after giving gifts and their blessings to the bride and groom. Yet when it comes to music at a wedding ceremony, you should consider these five things to make it unforgettable for all parties concerned.

Do Some Research Prior to Choosing the DJ

If you are tight on budget, a DJ might be a better option as opposed to a music band. Yet again, do not dismiss either option just because you feel a band will be too costly or that a DJ will be tasteless. You can ask wedding event coordinators and friends for recommendations when it comes to both types of entertainers. From mash-up musicians to barbershop quartets, you have plenty of options in this area, but do make sure that you are not overpaying as well as that they are not underutilized.

Talk with the Officiant Regarding Non-Religious Music

Note that when it comes to music, several churches, synagogues, as well as other religious establishments have certain regulations that could influence your choice, such as banning some forms of secular songs. Thus, it is a good idea to get in touch with your house of worship prior to booking a musician to play a popular, non-religious song.

Check Which Genre of Music is Perfect for your Wedding Venue

There may be restrictions according to your venue too, such as sound amplification, power supply, or those related to the time of day. Even if there are no regulations, it is still worth asking your venue manager which type of music usually works best there. For instance, a solo musician or singer could be suitable for a garden-like setting, while a live band will be good for a spacious ballroom.

Talk with your Musician Regarding Must-Play Songs

Make it a point that the DJ or music band you choose is open to suggestions from your end. This way, they would know what your taste in music is and play songs according to your preferences. In addition, get to know if they charge more for adding songs to the must-play list. Ultimately, the transition of songs should be as smooth as a segue for the best entertainment.

Get the Music Started Timely

Often in wedding ceremonies, people have to wait for long for things to be arranged and get started. If there is a silence for too long, then that can make kids or even adults run out of patience. Thus, it is best to book your musician to begin at least twenty minutes prior to the ceremony. Having music prior to and during the event will help indicate guests that it is perhaps time to be seated and enjoy the wedding.

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