5 Myths about Wedding Jewelry and Their Superstitious Implications

Wedding Jewelry
Wedding Jewelry Myths

There are many wedding jewelry superstitions out there, and you might have heard about a few at the least. Below are five of the most common ones; it is up to you to decide as to whether they hold up to the superstitious reasons or repercussions.

Shopping a Wedding Ring on a Friday is an Unlucky Thing to Do

This one is to be thought to be related to Friday the 13th. There are many such superstitions, like how Wednesday is the best day for marriage, how Monday is ideal for wealth, and Tuesday good for health. It is also an oddity that Saturday is an unlucky day for marriage, although that is when most couples choose to tie the knot.

Wedding Jewelry Should Be Borrowed Only from a Happily Married Couple

Many brides borrow something from the jewelry of a family member or a friend, either due to a sentiment attached to it or for the sheer love for it. This is certainly a lovely tradition, but it comes not so lovely when superstitious people say that it should be borrowed only from someone who is married happily, lest a bride risks her own happiness.

Women Should Not Put on the Entire Outfit Prior to the Wedding Ceremony

It is thought to be a tempting fate for people to try on each bridal outfit prior to the big day, which is a similar superstition like not writing married name prior to the ceremony. Due to this reason, those who actually believe in it do not wear shoes, the wedding dress, the veil, and wedding jewelry at the same time.

Pearls Represent the Tears of a Bride

There is a sad and happy version of this superstition. Certain cultures believe that a pearl diamond ring worn at the ceremony hold tears of future, predicting she will cry when her marriage turns unhappy. However, other cultures predict that a pearl will replace her actual tears, as she will not have to cry when everything goes well post marriage.

Dropping a Ring during a Marriage Means it is Doomed

As per folklore, dropping the wedding ring during the wedding ceremony is a bad omen. The superstition has it that anyone who drops it will actually go on to die. If all your fiancée’s ring falls off, due to it not being tight enough on her finger, you have to put it back on to ward off the omen that purportedly will approach.

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