3 Best Locations to Nail your Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

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There are many beautiful overseas destinations where you can rock your pre-wedding photo shoot. The ultimate charm of these foreign places is sure to offer up some of the best romantic moments in your life. If you prefer, you can include adventures or some such in your pre-wedding album. That way, after many years have passed, you can always look back on your wonderful journey together.

However, it can be quite overwhelming choosing a destination for your photo shoot, because every place has its own uniqueness and charm. So choose a place that fits inside your budget, and is also appropriate for your intended theme. Below are some of the best romantic destinations to stage a pre-wedding photo shoot.


Unsurprisingly, Australia is one of the ultimate foreign destinations that you may consider for a wedding photo shoot. The six states in the continent offer breathtaking landscapes and scenery that are perfect for clicking dreamy pictures of couples. Some of the top-rated spots here include the Sydney opera house, which is one of the most well-known monuments in the world, and Finder’s street railway station in Melbourne, which is unbelievably photogenic. If you are a nature-loving person, hit one of the many picturesque locations in Perth, such as the one in sight of the famous Crawley Edge Boatshed, which is one of the most outstanding backgrounds for wedding shoots.


If you want an extremely mesmerizing and incredible location for your wedding photo shoot that doesn’t break your bank, Bali is a hood option. This amazing place, known for its enchanting volcanic mountains, exotic beaches, rice paddies, etc., is ideal for making some of the sweetest memories that you can eternally treasure. Bali also boasts many incredible cliffs as well as monuments, which make this Indonesian island a perfect location to celebrate love. Note that May, June, and July are the best times to visit Bali, if you give priority to the weather here.


Speaking of Iceland, the first thing to pop into your mind would be Northern lights. If you can plan your wedding photo shoot between the months of September and April, you are more likely to click your pictures under the Northern lights, as the sky would be clear at this time of year. There are many other awe-inspiring spots here where you can take photos that are sure to spruce up your pre-wedding getaway. For instance, consider photos taken with glaciers, geysers, volcanic landscapes, etc. in the frame. Iceland is the best option for all couples looking forward to a nature-filled photo shoot.

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