Great Ideas for a Garden Themed Wedding

Wedding Venue
Wedding Theme Ideas

There are several ways to ensure that your garden themed wedding stands out from the rest. You can come up with certain small changes from the routine ideas and get a little creative to ensure that your wedding will stay in everyone’s memory for some time. Below are a few ideas to make your wedding an attractive affair.

The Venue

You can think a bit different and add glassy walls to your venue. This, along with views of green landscapes, will perfectly complement for each other. Besides, you can also ensure the air-conditioned comfort to your guests.

The Backdrop

Try and conjure the feel of nature by adding some foliage to your backdrop. This will align perfectly with your romantic garden themed wedding. You can use some flowers as well to add to the feel of the space. Options such as Johor ferns, rings of asparagus, and Ammi Majus blooms can create a magical ambiance at the wedding venue.

The Entrance

A balloon arch is always a great option for an appealing entrance. It creates a great first impression while also giving birth to curiosity for the remaining décor. Just make sure to choose the balloon colors that complement the wedding theme and do not overpower the overall tone.

The Décor

The décor is as equally important as every other property. However, the centerpieces do not have to be ostentatious to attract attention. You can simply choose an elegant and small one with stylishly arranged jars of roses, mint ferns, or plum pine.

As for hanging properties above the tables, roses, lisianthus, mint ferns, and hydrangeas are great choices. When this is matched with the calm fairy lights of the space, the mood is automatically lifted. You can be certain that your guests love the ambiance of the wedding.

The Bouquet

Instead of focusing only on your gown, you can choose to go for a different theme for your bouquet. Check with the décor and ensure the compatibility. Add a bit of Ammi Majus blooms, eustomas, podocarpus, as well as roses to add a bit more beauty.

The Wedding Cake

Try to make a unique selection for your wedding cake. You can add the décor accordingly to match it. Try Swiss meringue cake with butter cream with a color like golden or burgundy. Likewise, you can choose a three-tiered confection along with red velvet and classic cream cheesecake for a colorful effect.

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