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As climate change worries the planet’s ecosystem, it is our duty to ensure that we minimize the environmental impact of everything we do. A wedding is an event that involves a large number of people and it leaves a big carbon footprint on the environment if conducted in traditional ways. Yet there are many ways, in which eco-friendly methods could be incorporated in a wedding. This will not only reduce the ecological impact but also end up saving a big amount of your total budget. Below is a wedding planning guide to celebrating an eco-friendly wedding.

Choose an Outdoor Location

One of the best places to conduct a wedding is an open space like a park. Many of the public parks allow weddings to be held these days. The outdoor space gives everyone a sense of freedom and adds to the ambiance of the wedding ceremony. Besides, you can save a huge amount of money by conducting the wedding in a park instead of hosting it a banquet hall.

Bring Sustainably Grown Flowers

Instead of filling up your wedding venue with synthetic flowers made of plastics or resins, you can choose to go with the natural options. This means you can opt for sustainably grown flowers in your venue. These are easy to acquire at your local floral counter. After that, you can get one of your creative friends to arrange them neatly around the venue. This will add fragrance and charm to your venue, without a doubt, while leaving no trace in the environment. Besides, these are affordable, and will not cost you a fortune to arrange.

Use Recyclable or Biodegradable Dinnerware

There are several compostable options when it comes to plates and flatware. You may have to do a bit of research for that, but you can get them easily in the market nowadays. These will not harm nature in any way and they can be recycled easily as well. Just remember to install recycle bins around your venue to collect the used ones.

Pick Wear-Again Clothes

Make sure that you pick clothes that can be worn again. Many people think that a wedding is an occasion to use one-time clothes, but these are very harmful to the nature as most of these are non-biodegradable. Furthermore, you can also choose to buy shoes that are reusable. These small steps will hardly be noticed in your wedding decoration ideas, much less affect it. Therefore, it is the most sensible thing to follow these as a responsible couple.

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