Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

Wedding Shower Ideas
Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

Bridal shower is a party hosted exclusively for the bride. It is usually hosted by someone close to the bride and they provide financial assistance and goods for the wedding. Close friends of the bride are only invited to the party and the expenses are met by the host. Host can use different wedding invitation ideas to make the invitation special.

A bridal shower will have food and drinks along with different set of game and an opportunity for the bride to open gifts in front of her friends and relatives. People also conduct wedding showers both for the bride and groom. Many wedding shower ideas are also available to make the party a huge success. Continue reading to know some of the best bridal shower ideas.

Beach Party

Hosting a party at beach is always considered as the best option. People get to enjoy the beauty of nature and it gives the party a costal vibe. Incorporate starfish and seashells in the party and use aquamarine hues to create a color palette.

Tea Party

It is a gathering of bride and her loved ones, where they’ll talk about matters relating to marriage. Hot tea and sandwiches are usually served in these gatherings. Tea party can be either conducted inside the home or at the backyard.

All-White Bridal Shower

This idea focuses on white color and the whole party will be set in white color. This will be like a rehearsal to the bride and this will help her to get in the spirit.

Champagne Brunch

Americans love brunch and adding champagne to it will only increase happiness. champagne is the drink used for special occasions and most Americans would love to try different varieties of the drink. Usually in such parties, champagne is served with pastries and fruits.

Romantic Bridal Showers

Romantic bridal showers bring out the romance in the bride and will help her to celebrate love. People offer flowers, hearts and pictures of the couple at this special occasion.

Nautical Affair

Why spend time on land when you can actually travel on water. Friends or relatives can arrange a yacht to conduct parties and give an awesome experience to the bride. People can opt for nautical theme which includes navy blue attire, ship wheels, anchors and sailor’s hat. You can also play classic songs to add excitement to the whole party.

Paris Theme

Travelling to destinations costs a lot and they may seem hectic at the time of marriage. To introduce the feel of Paris, you can add French cheese, wine and desserts to the party.

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